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462 Elizabeth St, Melbourne, Melbourne, VIC, 3000 AU

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Victoria One Apartment Building

The history of the building

  • Victoria One is a residential skyscraper located at 452-462 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne CBD VIC 3000, Australia.
  • The construction of the building began in 2014 and was completed in 201823.
  • The architect of the building is Fender Katsalidis Architects, a renowned Australian architecture firm that also designed the Eureka Tower and the MONA museum23.
  • The building was developed by Golden Age Group, a leading property developer in Australia that focuses on high-end residential and commercial projects23.
  • The building was named Victoria One to reflect its connection to the state of Victoria and its natural landscape. The coastlines, rainforests, and native trees of Victoria23 inspired the design of the building23.

2. The design and architecture

  • Victoria One is a modern and elegant skyscraper that stands at 271 metres tall, making it the third tallest building in Melbourne and the sixth tallest building in Australia23.
  • The building has 75 levels, including a 10-level podium that contains car parking and apartments fronting Elizabeth and Franklin Streets, and 65 levels of residential apartments above23.
  • The facade of the building features a series of reflective ‘fins’ that create a dynamic and shimmering effect. The fins also provide shading and privacy for the apartments23.
  • The building has a green roof on level 11 that offers a landscaped outdoor space for the residents. The roof also reduces stormwater runoff and heat island effect23.
  • The building has a range of luxurious amenities and facilities for the residents, such as an indoor pool and gym, private dining and living spaces, and a club lounge exclusive to residents of the top eight floors. Each of these spaces has been designed to evoke the natural beauty of Victoria23.

3. The apartment units

  • The building contains a total of 645 apartments, including 118 one-bedroom apartments, 495 two-bedroom apartments, and 32 three-bedroom apartments23.
  • The sizes of the apartments range from 42 square metres to 160 square metres, with an average size of 67 square metres4.
  • The layouts of the apartments are spacious and functional, with open-plan living and dining areas, generous bedrooms, and balconies with city views4.
  • The features of the apartments include high-quality finishes and fittings, such as timber flooring, stone benchtops, stainless steel appliances, built-in wardrobes, and air conditioning4.

4. Amenities and facilities

  • Victoria One offers a variety of amenities and facilities for the residents to enjoy, such as:
    • An indoor pool and gym on level nine, featuring a lap pool, spa, sauna, steam room, and fitness equipment24.
    • A recreation area on level 40, inspired by the shorelines and cliff-faces of Victoria. It includes a lounge area, a games room, a library, a cinema room, and a karaoke room24.
    • A dining area on level 66, reminiscent of the ancient rainforests of the Otway National Park. It includes a dining room, a kitchen, a bar, and a terrace with panoramic views24.
    • A club lounge on level 75, exclusive to residents of the top eight floors. It includes a lounge area, a fireplace, a wine cellar, and a sky garden with native trees24.

5. The surrounding area

  • Victoria One is located in the heart of Melbourne CBD, close to many attractions, amenities, and facilities that make city living convenient and enjoyable.
  • Some of the nearby facilities and amenities include:
    • Queen Victoria Market: A historic market that offers fresh produce, gourmet food, clothing, souvenirs, and more. It is located just across the street from Victoria One.
    • Melbourne Central: A major shopping centre that features over 300 stores, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, and services. It is located within walking distance from Victoria One.
    • RMIT University: A leading university that offers courses in various fields such as engineering, business, design, health, and education. It is located within walking distance from Victoria One.
    • Flagstaff Gardens: A public park that offers green space, playgrounds, picnic areas, and historical monuments. It is located within walking distance from Victoria One.

6. Reviews and ratings

  • Victoria One has received mostly positive reviews and ratings from residents and visitors, who have praised its location, design, amenities, and views.
  • Some of the reviews and ratings are as follows:
    • “Great location, close to everything. The apartment is modern and well-equipped. The amenities are amazing, especially the pool and the club lounge. The views are stunning, especially at night. Highly recommend!”
    • “I love living here. The building is beautiful and elegant. The apartment is spacious and comfortable. The facilities are luxurious and relaxing. The staff are friendly and helpful. The neighbourhood is vibrant and convenient.”

7. Sustainability Features

  • Victoria One has achieved a 4 Star Green Star rating from the Green Building Council of Australia, which indicates that it has achieved a high level of environmental performance and sustainability23.
  • Some of the sustainability features of Victoria One include:
    • A green roof that reduces stormwater runoff and heat island effect, as well as provides a habitat for native plants and birds23.
    • A rainwater harvesting system that collects and stores rainwater for irrigation and toilet flushing23.
    • A solar hot water system that uses solar panels to heat water for the apartments and the pool23.
    • A high-performance glazing system that reduces heat loss and gain, as well as improves natural lighting and views23.
    • An energy-efficient lighting system that uses LED lights and motion sensors to reduce electricity consumption23.
    • A waste management system that provides recycling bins and chutes for the residents to dispose of their waste23.

8. Transport Accessibility

  • Victoria One is easily accessible by both public and private transportation, as it is well-connected to various modes of transport such as trains, trams, buses, taxis, and bikes.
  • Some of the transport options near Victoria One include:
    • Melbourne Central Station: A major train station that serves the City Loop and several suburban lines. It is located within walking distance from Victoria One.
    • Elizabeth Street Tram Stop: A tram stop that serves several tram routes that run along Elizabeth Street and connect to various parts of the city. It is located just outside Victoria One.
    • Franklin Street Bus Stop: A bus stop that serves several bus routes that run along Franklin Street and connect to various suburbs and regions. It is located within walking distance from Victoria One.
    • Taxi Rank: A taxi rank that provides access to taxis that can take passengers to any destination in the city or beyond. It is located within walking distance from Victoria One.
    • Melbourne Bike Share: A bike share service that allows users to rent bikes from various stations around the city. There is a bike station near Victoria One on Elizabeth Street.

9. Resident Demographics

  • According to the 2016 Census data, the typical demographic of residents in Victoria One are:
    • Young adults aged between 20 and 34 years old, who make up 56% of the population in the area.
    • Professionals working in various occupations such as managers, professionals, clerical workers, sales workers, and technicians, who make up 63% of the employed population in the area.
    • Students studying in various institutions such as RMIT University, University of Melbourne, Monash University, and Victoria University, who make up 28% of the population in the area.
    • Singles living alone or with flatmates, who make up 57% of the households in the area.
    • Migrants from various countries such as China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam, who make up 54% of the population in the area.

10. Local Attractions

    • Victoria One is surrounded by many attractions, leisure facilities, and cultural sites that offer entertainment, education, and inspiration for the residents.
    • Some of the local attractions near Victoria One include:
      • State Library of Victoria: A historic library that houses over two million books, manuscripts, maps, newspapers, artworks, and more.
      • Melbourne Museum: A modern museum that showcases natural history, science, culture, and innovation. It also features an IMAX theatre, a children’s gallery, and a living forest gallery2.
      • Federation Square: A public square that serves as a cultural and civic hub for Melbourne. It hosts various festivals, concerts, performances, and activities throughout the year. It also houses several attractions such as the Ian Potter Centre, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, and the Koorie Heritage Trust2.
      • Royal Botanic Gardens: A beautiful garden that spans over 38 hectares and contains over 8,500 plant species from around the world. It also offers guided walks, workshops, exhibitions, and a children’s garden2.
      • Melbourne Zoo: A wildlife park that is home to over 320 animal species from Australia and beyond. It also features various habitats such as the African savanna, the Asian rainforest, and the Australian bushland2.

Body Corporation

  • Victoria One is owned by Golden Age Group, the developer of the building, who also manages the body corporate of the building12.
  • The body corporate is responsible for the maintenance and administration of the common property and facilities of the building, such as the lifts, corridors, amenities, and services.
  • The body corporate also sets and collects the fees and levies from the owners and occupiers of the apartments, which cover the costs of the management, insurance, cleaning, repairs, and improvements of the building.
  • The body corporate also enforces the rules and regulations of the building, such as the by-laws, which govern the conduct and behaviour of the residents and visitors in the building.


  • Victoria One is a prestigious and impressive residential skyscraper that offers a high-quality and comfortable living experience for its residents.
  • The building combines modern design and architecture with natural inspiration and sustainability features to create a unique and iconic landmark for Melbourne and Victoria.
  • The building provides a range of luxurious amenities and facilities for the residents to enjoy, as well as a convenient location that is close to many attractions, amenities, and facilities in the city.
  • The building has received positive reviews and ratings from residents and visitors, who have appreciated its location, design, amenities, and views.
  • The building is owned and managed by Golden Age Group, who also oversees the body corporate of the building.


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