100% Guaranteed Rental Income for Landlords

Guaranteed Rental Income for Landlords – With Zero Vacancy

As a landlord, your top priority is finding reliable, long-term tenants who will provide consistent rental income for your investment property. Mega Style Apartments is that tenant – and so much more.

We’re not a property management company. We’re a professional, corporate housing tenant that pays a fixed, guaranteed rent to landlords like you, regardless of whether we have guests in the property or not.



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Here’s why Mega Style Apartments should be your tenant of choice in your residential property:


100% Guaranteed Rental Income

With Mega Style Apartments, you’ll never have to worry about vacancies or missed rent payments. We’ve maintained a portfolio of properties since 2017, providing our landlords with a steady, reliable source of income month after month. Our track record speaks for itself.

Long-Term Tenancy, No Turnover

Unlike typical residential tenants, we have no intention of leaving your property. If the numbers work, we’ll happily remain your tenant indefinitely. This eliminates the constant turnover, advertising costs, and vacancy periods that plague many landlords.

Proactive Property Care


Because we cater to corporate and relocation clients, your property will undergo frequent cleaning, inspections, and maintenance – all completed by our attentive team. This ensures your investment is always in pristine condition, with no nasty surprises.

Hands-Off, Worry-Free Income


As experts in the corporate housing market, we know how to maximize occupancy and keep your property consistently tenanted. You can sit back and collect your guaranteed rent payments each month, without the hassle of marketing, furnishing, or managing the day-to-day operations. We handle everything, providing you with a truly passive income stream.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

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Mega Style Apartments carries extensive insurance policies, including $10 million in liability coverage. We also collect substantial security deposits, shielding you from potential damages or liabilities.

Transparent, Responsive Communication

Keeping you informed and addressing any concerns promptly are top priorities for our team. We’re dedicated to maintaining an open, collaborative partnership with our landlords.


In today’s unpredictable rental landscape, having a tenant like Mega Style Apartments can provide the stability and peace of mind you need. Contact us today to learn how we can deliver 100% guaranteed rental income for your investment property.


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