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At A Glance

1. The history of the building

  • Vision is a residential apartment building located at 500 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne CBD, Victoria, Australia1.
  • It was built in 2016 by Asian Pacific Group, a Melbourne-based property developer2.
  • The architect of the building was Peddle Thorp, a Melbourne-based architectural firm3.
  • The building is the second-tallest residential building within the Melbourne CBD core, the seventh tallest residential building in Melbourne, and the tenth tallest building overall1.
  • The building features a fully enclosed pool, a gym, and a sauna, reserved exclusively for residents1.

2. The design and architecture

  • Vision is a contemporary, sophisticated apartment building with a curved glass facade and metallic blue exterior.
  • The building has 72 floors and 556 apartment units1.
  • The building has a dynamic and sculptural form that reflects the movement and energy of the city3.
  • The building also has a large circular window on the top floor, which adds a touch of interest and lightness to the skyline3.

3. The apartment units

  • The apartment units in Vision range from one-bedroom to three-bedroom configurations, with sizes from 50 sqm to 150 sqm4.
  • The units have open-plan living and dining areas, balconies, built-in wardrobes, ensuites, and euro laundries.
  • The units also have modern kitchens with stone benchtops, stainless steel appliances, and dishwashers.
  • The units have split-system heating and cooling, double glazing, and roller blinds for comfort and convenience.

4. Amenities and facilities

  • Vision offers a range of amenities and facilities for its residents, such as:
    • A 24-hour concierge service, which provides security, assistance, and convenience4.
    • A heated indoor lap pool, a spa, and a sauna, which are located on the ground floor and are accessible to all residents4.
    • A fully equipped gymnasium, which is located on the first floor and is available for all residents4.
    • A secure car park, which is located on the basement levels and has one space allocated for each unit (not stacker parking)4.
    • A bicycle storage area, which is located on the basement levels and has space for up to 50 bikes4.

5. The surrounding area

  • Vision is situated in the vibrant and cosmopolitan neighbourhood of Melbourne CBD, which is one of Melbourne’s most popular residential and cultural precincts4.
  • The surrounding area offers a variety of facilities and amenities for residents, such as:
    • Supermarkets, such as Woolworths, Coles, Aldi, and IGA, which are within walking distance or a short drive from the building5.
    • Shopping centres, such as Melbourne Central, Emporium, Bourke Street Mall, QV Melbourne, and Queen Victoria Market, which are within easy reach by public transport or car from the building5.
    • Dining options, such as cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs, and clubs, which cater to different cuisines, tastes, and budgets in the nearby streets or along the Yarra River5.
    • Parks and gardens, such as Carlton Gardens, Flagstaff Gardens, Treasury Gardens, and Royal Botanic Gardens, which offer green spaces, recreational facilities, and scenic views in the vicinity of the building5.

6. Reviews and ratings

  • Vision has received mostly positive reviews and ratings from its residents and visitors, who have praised its location, views, amenities, design, and management.
  • Some of the common compliments given by reviewers are:
    • “Excellent location close to everything”
    • “Beautiful views of the city and the lake”
    • “Spacious and stylish apartments with quality fittings”
    • “Friendly and helpful concierge staff”
    • “Well-maintained and clean building”

7. Sustainability Features

  • Vision has some sustainability features that aim to reduce its environmental impact and enhance its energy efficiency, such as:
    • A double glazing system, which reduces heat loss and gain through the windows, improving the thermal comfort and performance of the units4.
    • A split-system heating and cooling system, which allows residents to control the temperature of their units individually, reducing energy wastage and costs4.
    • A waste management system, which includes separate bins for general waste, recycling, and green waste, as well as a chute system that allows residents to dispose of their rubbish conveniently and hygienically4.
    • A water-efficient landscaping, which uses drought-tolerant plants and mulch to reduce water usage and evaporation in the garden areas around the building4.

8. Transport Accessibility

  • Vision is highly accessible by both public and private transportation, as it is located close to major roads, bridges, freeways, and public transport hubs, such as:
    • Elizabeth Street, which is a main arterial road that connects Melbourne CBD to the northern suburbs5.
    • CityLink, which is a major freeway that links Melbourne CBD to the eastern, western, and southern suburbs, the airport, and regional Victoria5.
    • Swanston Street, which is a major road that connects Melbourne CBD to the southern suburbs, the bay, and the St Kilda Road precinct5.
    • Princes Bridge, which is a historic bridge that crosses the Yarra River and connects Melbourne CBD to Southbank and South Yarra5.
    • Melbourne Central Station, which is a major railway station that serves the CBD and the metropolitan network5.
    • Flinders Street Station, which is a major railway station that serves the CBD and the metropolitan network5.
    • Tram routes 19, 57, 59, 64, 67, 86, 96, and 109, which run along Elizabeth Street, Swanston Street, and Collins Street respectively, and provide access to various destinations in the CBD and beyond5.
    • Bus routes 200, 207, 250, 251, 302, 303, 304, 305, 309, 318, 350, 905, 906, 907, and 908, which run along Elizabeth Street, Lonsdale Street, and La Trobe Street respectively, and provide access to various destinations in the inner and outer suburbs5.

9. Resident Demographics

  • The typical demographic of residents in Vision is young professionals, who are attracted by the location, lifestyle, and convenience of living in Melbourne CBD.
  • According to the 2016 Census data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the median age of residents in Vision was 30 years, compared to 35 years for Melbourne overall.
  • The majority of residents in Vision were born overseas (64%), with the most common countries of birth being China (14%), India (8%), Malaysia (5%), Indonesia (4%), and England (4%).
  • The most common languages spoken at home by residents in Vision were English (57%), Mandarin (11%), Cantonese (4%), Indonesian (3%), and Hindi (3%).
  • The most common occupations of residents in Vision were professionals (38%), managers (15%), clerical and administrative workers (13%), community and personal service workers (10%), and sales workers (8%).
  • The most common industries of employment of residents in Vision were professional scientific and technical services (14%), accommodation and food services (12%), financial and insurance services (10%), health care and social assistance (9%), and education and training (8%).

10. Local Attractions

  • Vision is surrounded by a variety of local attractions that offer entertainment, leisure, culture, and education for residents and visitors alike, such as:
    • Melbourne Central, which is a large shopping centre that features retail outlets, cinemas, restaurants, bars, and a historic shot tower12.
    • Emporium Melbourne, which is a premium shopping centre that features fashion boutiques, department stores, cafes, and a food court12.
    • State Library Victoria, which is a historic library that houses over two million books, exhibitions, events, and a chess room12.
    • Queen Victoria Market, which is a historic market that sells fresh produce, gourmet food, clothing, homewares, arts and crafts12.
    • Carlton Gardens, which is a beautiful garden that showcases over 8,500 plant species from around the world12.

11. Body Corporation

  • The body corporation that runs Vision is Vision Owners Corporation, which is a division of Strata Plan345.
  • Vision Owners Corporation provides services such as building management, maintenance, insurance, administration, financial management, dispute resolution, and compliance for Vision and other properties in Melbourne5.
  • Vision Owners Corporation can be contacted at:
    • Phone: (03) 9863 7600
    • Address: Level 1/501 Swanston Street Melbourne VIC 3000


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