LGBTIQ+ Friendly Accommodation in Melbourne

LGBTIQ+ Friendly Accommodation

Stay at Mega Style Apartments, Melbourne’s top-rated vacation rental accommodation offering a welcoming and inclusive environment for the LGBTIQ community. Enjoy prime locations near the city’s best attractions, dining, shopping, and nightlife. Our stylish and spacious apartments boast modern facilities and beautiful views. Benefit from amenities like free parking, WiFi, air conditioning, pools, gyms, and fully-equipped kitchens for self-catering. Experience our friendly customer service operating from 8am-11pm daily. With over 800 5-Star reviews, we ensure a comfortable and memorable stay.

  • Experience Luxury: 800+ 5-Star Reviews
  • Unbeatable Locations: Near Attractions & Dining
  • Home Away From Home: Stylish, Comfortable and Spacious
  • Modern Living: Free Parking, WiFi, Pools & Gyms
  • Inclusive & Welcoming: LGBTIQ-friendly Accommodations

We’re More than Just a Stay, We’re Your Home Away from Home!

Ready for a vacation you’ll never forget? Book with us at Mega Style Apartments, where we welcome everyone with open arms. Enjoy our stylish, spacious apartments with stunning views, modern facilities, and prime locations. Don’t just visit Melbourne, live it with us!

How We Can Help

At Mega Style Apartments, we’re committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for all our guests, especially those within the LGBTIQ community. We understand how important it is to feel comfortable and accepted, particularly when you’re away from home. That’s why we’ve crafted our space with inclusivity in mind, ensuring every guest feels at home and respected. Whether you’re visiting Melbourne for business or pleasure, we’ll ensure your stay is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Why Us

At Mega Style Apartments, we’re proud to offer top-notch vacation rentals that cater to everyone, including the LGBTIQ community. We’ve earned over 800 5-Star reviews thanks to our prime locations close to attractions, dining and nightlife, as well as modern amenities like free parking, wifi internet, pools and gyms. Our stylish apartments are not just comfortable and spacious but also boast beautiful views and well-equipped kitchens for those who prefer self-catering. But it’s not just about the facilities; we’re also known for our friendly customer service available from 8am-11pm every day. So why choose us? Because at Mega Style Apartments we’re all about making you feel welcome and included in a comfortable environment where you can truly relax and enjoy your stay.


Q: What measures do we have in place to ensure our apartments are LGBTIQ friendly? A: We’re committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all our guests. We’ve got strict anti-discrimination policies in place and our staff is trained to provide respectful and courteous service to everyone.

Q: Do we offer any special facilities or amenities for LGBTIQ guests? A: We don’t specifically offer any LGBTIQ-specific facilities or amenities, as we believe in providing equal services to all our guests. All our facilities, such as the gym, pool, parking, and wifi, are available to everyone staying with us.

Q: Are we located near any LGBTIQ-friendly venues or events? A: Yes, we’re in prime locations near various LGBTIQ-friendly venues and events. Whether you’re looking for nightlife, dining, or cultural experiences, you’ll find a variety of options within a short distance.

Q: How do we handle any issues or complaints regarding LGBTIQ discrimination? A: We take any form of discrimination very seriously. If you ever face any issue during your stay, please let us know immediately. We’re available from 8am-11pm every day to assist you.

Q: Do we offer any assistance or guidance for LGBTIQ guests unfamiliar with Melbourne? A: Absolutely, we’d be more than happy to help! Our team is familiar with the local area and can give you suggestions on LGBTIQ-friendly venues, events, and places of interest to visit during your stay.

Q: What do we mean by LGBTIQ+? A: It stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and gender diverse, Intersex, Queer and questioning as an inclusive umbrella abbreviation to encompass a range of diverse sexualities, genders and sex characteristics.

Experience Ultimate Comfort at Mega Style Apartments – Your LGBTIQ-friendly Accommodation in Melbourne

Are you looking for a top-notch and comfortable vacation rental in Melbourne? Let us introduce you to our Mega Style Apartments, especially designed to cater to the needs of the LGBTIQ community. Located in prime districts near popular attractions, eateries, shopping hubs and vibrant nightlife spots, we’re all about ensuring your stay is as enjoyable and convenient as possible.

We’ve seen how finding the right kind of accommodation can truly make or break a holiday. Take for example our guests, Alex and Sam, a couple who visited from Sydney last summer. They had been apprehensive about their trip due to past unpleasant experiences with accommodations that were not supportive of their lifestyle. However, after staying with us at Mega Style Apartments, they told us they felt completely at home. Our welcoming service combined with comfortable living spaces created an environment where they could relax without any worries.

In fact, it’s this ethos of comfort and acceptance that drives everything we do here at Mega Style Apartments. After all, isn’t having a worry-free environment what vacations are all about? So whether you’re planning on exploring Melbourne’s rich culture or simply taking some time off work to unwind, remember – we’re here making sure your stay is nothing less than perfect!

Embracing Inclusivity, Safety, and Comfort in LGBTIQ Accommodations

At the heart of our approach to accommodation for LGBTIQ individuals is an unwavering commitment to inclusivity. We understand that finding a safe and comfortable place to stay can sometimes be challenging for members of the LGBTIQ community. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to ensure every place under our purview isn’t just a space but a welcoming home. Our accommodations are designed with diverse needs in mind – offering an environment where everyone, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation, feels valued and accepted.

Safety is another cornerstone of our service ethos. We’re keenly aware that safety goes beyond physical security; it encompasses mental peace as well. Thus, we take rigorous steps to ensure each accommodation provides not only secure locks on the doors but also privacy and respect from other occupants. We implement strict policies against any form of discrimination or harassment within our premises because we believe that everyone deserves assurance when they close their eyes at night.

Comfort isn’t just about plush cushions or luxurious amenities – though rest assured you’ll find those here too! For us, comfort means understanding individual needs and preferences; it’s about creating spaces where people can freely express themselves without fear or hesitation. It’s about fostering an environment where you don’t have to hide who you are or whom you love. Because we know how vital it is for your accommodation to feel like more than just a temporary resting place – it should feel like home.

The Significance of Inclusive Accommodation for the LGBTIQ Community

At Mega Style Apartments, we understand that everyone deserves a safe, comfortable and welcoming place to stay. As champions of inclusivity, we’re proud to extend our hospitality to all guests, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Picture this: You’re on vacation with your partner in an unfamiliar city. You’ve spent the day exploring Melbourne’s vibrant laneways and now you’re heading back to your rental apartment. But instead of feeling excited about putting your feet up and enjoying some downtime, you feel anxious about the reception you’ll receive from other guests or staff because you are part of the LGBTIQ community. That’s a situation no one should ever find themselves in.

According to a 2018 study by Travel Gay Asia and Gay Star News, over 3 out of every 4 LGBTIQ travelers have experienced some form of discrimination while on holiday. We believe holidays should be about relaxation and exploration – not stress and fear. Imagine accommodation as a safe haven – a cocoon where each guest is welcomed with open arms regardless of who they love or how they identify themselves – that’s what we strive for at Mega Style Apartments!

Experience the Joy of Inclusive Accommodation at Mega Style Apartments

At Mega Style Apartments, we’re not just a vacation rental. We’re a community that celebrates diversity and inclusivity. Our unique sales proposition is our goal to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all guests, especially those in the LGBTIQ community.

We believe that everyone deserves to feel like they belong, no matter who they are or where they come from. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to create an inclusive space where you can be yourself without any worries. Many of our staff members also belong to the LGBTIQ community, so we understand your needs on a personal level.

Here are three reasons why choosing us will make your stay more enjoyable:

  1. Inclusive Environment: We don’t just talk about diversity; we live it! Our team is as diverse as our guests – which means understanding, respect and empathy comes naturally in all interactions.
  2. Safety First: Your safety is paramount to us – both physically and emotionally. We ensure a respectful environment where everyone feels secure.
  3. Celebrating Diversity: Not only do we accommodate diversity, but we celebrate it! You’ll find an atmosphere filled with joyous acceptance and warm hospitality here at Mega Style Apartments.

So whether you’re in Melbourne for business or pleasure, rest assured you’ve found accommodation that respects you for exactly who you are.

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