Pet Friendly Accommodation in Melbourne

Pet Friendly Accommodation

Mega Style Apartments offers pet-friendly accommodation in Melbourne, VIC 3000 Australia, perfect for your vacation rentals needs. Enjoy the comfort of our spacious, stylish apartments, all located in prime locations near top attractions, dining, shops, and nightlife. All our apartments come with modern amenities such as free parking, WiFi, air conditioning, pools, gyms, and fully-equipped kitchens for self-catering. With over 800+ 5-star reviews, we offer a welcoming, comfortable, and inclusive environment for all our guests. Our friendly customer service is available from 8am-11pm every day to ensure your stay is seamless. Book your pet-friendly apartment today!

  1. 800+ 5-Star Stylish Stays
  2. Central Locations, Vibrant Nightlife
  3. Comfort with Modern Amenities
  4. 8am-11pm Responsive Customer Service
  5. Pet-Friendly, Feel-At-Home Accommodation

Experience supreme comfort in style at Mega Style Apartments!

Let’s make your stay in Melbourne unforgettable! With our prime locations, modern amenities, and warm hospitality, we’re sure to exceed your expectations. Book your stay now and let us treat you to a 5-star experience that’s simply unbeatable!

How We Can Help

At Mega Style Apartments, we’re all about making your stay as comfortable and inclusive as possible. We understand that pets are an integral part of many families, which is why we offer pet-friendly accommodation. You won’t have to worry about leaving your furry friends behind, because we’ve got you covered. Our apartments are designed to cater to the needs of both you and your pet, ensuring a welcoming environment for everyone. So bring your pets along, we can’t wait to welcome you all to our home in Melbourne.

Why Us

At Mega Style Apartments, we’ve got everything you’re looking for in pet-friendly accommodation. We’re proud of our 800+ 5-star reviews which speak volumes about our first-class service and prime locations. You and your furry friend will be right in the heart of Melbourne’s vibrant dining, shopping, and nightlife scene. Our apartments aren’t just stylish and spacious; they come with stunning views too! Plus, we’ve got all the modern amenities you need like free parking, wifi internet, air conditioning as well as pools and gyms. And don’t worry about meals – our kitchens are ready for self-catering. We’re welcoming to all creatures great and small because inclusivity is one of our core values. So why wait? Choose us for a comfortable stay that both you and your pet will enjoy!


Q: Do we allow pets in our apartments? A: Yes, we’re a pet-friendly vacation rental. We understand that pets are part of the family and we’re happy to accommodate them in our apartments.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the type or size of pets we accept? A: We don’t have specific restrictions, but we do ask that you let us know about your pet beforehand. This way, we can make sure we’re prepared to provide the best possible accommodation for you and your furry friend.

Q: Do we provide any amenities for pets? A: While we don’t provide specific pet amenities, our apartments are spacious and comfortable for both our human and pet guests. There are also plenty of outdoor spaces nearby for walks and playtime.

Q: Is there an extra charge for bringing pets? A: There’s a small additional cleaning fee for guests who bring pets. This is to ensure that our apartments remain clean and comfortable for all our guests.

Q: What should we do if our pet causes any damage? A: We understand that accidents can happen. If your pet causes any damage, please let us know as soon as possible so we can arrange for repairs or replacement. Any costs associated with this will be added to your bill.

Experience Melbourne’s Most Welcoming Pet Friendly Accommodation at Mega Style Apartments

Ever wondered how much easier travelling would be if your fur baby was not only allowed but welcomed with open arms? At Mega Style Apartments, we’re all about creating that warm, welcoming atmosphere for you and your furry friend. We believe that a family vacation should include every member of the family, including those with paws.

Picture this: Last year, a lovely couple visited us with their two exuberant Labrador Retrievers. It was their first time in Melbourne and they were apprehensive about finding a place that would accept their beloved pets. By the end of their stay, not only did they leave glowing reviews but also unforgettable memories for us to cherish. Their Labradors had become everyone’s favorite morning greeters! This is just one of many stories which stand testament to our core value of being ‘Welcoming’.

  1. We’ve got over 800 5-star reviews from satisfied guests who have experienced our hospitality.
  2. Our apartments are designed keeping comfort as priority – both yours and your pet’s.
  3. Located in the heart of Melbourne (VIC 3000), you’ll find everything within easy reach.
  4. The cherry on top – we’re an acclaimed pet-friendly accommodation provider.

That’s what we offer at Mega Style Apartments – A home away from home where your pets are as welcome as you are! Come experience it yourself and create unforgettable stories with us.

Traveling with Pets: A Guide to Pet Friendly Accommodation

Traveling is one of life’s great pleasures, but it can be a challenge when you’ve got furry friends in the mix. We know this all too well. With our tails wagging and hearts full of anticipation, we understand that finding pet-friendly accommodations can make or break your trip.

It’s not just about having a place to stay where pets are allowed. It’s also about ensuring they’re welcomed and catered for as much as we are! We’ve stayed in places where our little furballs were treated like royalty – with dedicated pet beds, gourmet pet menus, and even spa services! On the other hand, there have been places where “pet-friendly” meant nothing more than allowing them through the door.

Here are four things that we always look for when choosing accommodation:

  1. Pet Policies: Check out the hotel’s pet policies before booking. Some hotels might have breed or size restrictions, while others may require additional fees.
  2. Pet Amenities: Does the hotel offer any special amenities for pets? Things like doggy day care services or grooming stations can really add a touch of luxury to your pet’s stay!
  3. Nearby Facilities: Are there nearby parks or open spaces where your pets can run around? These could make all the difference in keeping your furry friends happy during your trip.
  4. Reviews: The experiences of other pet owners can give you valuable insight into how genuinely ‘pet-friendly’ an accommodation really is.

Remember that traveling with pets doesn’t need to be stressful; it should be an adventure filled with new smells, sights, and experiences for both you and your companion(s). And when you find those perfect accommodations–the kind that welcome your pets as warmly as they do you–it only adds to the joy of discovering new places together!

Why is ‘Pet Friendly Accommodation’ a Game Changer?

We’re all about making travel easy and stress-free. That’s why we believe pet-friendly accommodation isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s a game changer. Pets are part of the family – their wagging tails and warm purrs are the heartbeats at our feet. So, we understand that leaving them behind while you jet off on an adventure can feel like missing a piece of your puzzle.

Here at Mega Style Apartments, we’ve woven pet-friendliness into the fabric of our services. We don’t just tolerate pets; we celebrate them! Our apartments roll out the red carpet for your furry friends with open arms, offering them as much comfort as you’d expect for yourself. We believe this approach doesn’t just enhance your holiday experience—it redefines it! The rhythm of our daily operations dances to the beat of four paws padding across hardwood floors, creating a symphony of joyous barks and contented purrs that make our apartments feel more like home than ever before.

Travel with Your Furry Friends at Mega Style Apartments!

At Mega Style Apartments, we believe that your pets are part of the family, and they deserve a holiday too! We understand how it feels to leave your furry friend behind while you’re away. That’s why we’ve tailored our apartments to be 100% pet-friendly. No more concerns about separation anxiety or the hassle and worry associated with finding suitable pet boarding facilities. Bring your pets along for the ride and experience a truly enjoyable vacation.

Our apartments are not just any ordinary accommodation — they are stylish, comfortable, and most importantly, designed with pets in mind. We’re all about providing an environment where both owners and their beloved pets can feel relaxed and welcome. What’s more? Our location is often near fantastic pet-friendly parks and facilities making it easy to keep them entertained throughout your stay.

We’re redefining what it means to be ‘pet-friendly’. It’s not just allowing pets; it’s welcoming them – making sure they’re catered for just as much as their human counterparts are. We offer peace of mind knowing that even when you’re on holiday, every member of your family is well taken care of at Mega Style Apartments. So pack up those squeaky toys and doggie treats – because there’s nothing better than exploring Melbourne with your best four-legged friend by your side!

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