Short Term Rentals

Short Term Rentals

Stay in comfort and style with Mega Style Apartments, the leading provider of short term rentals in Melbourne. Offering 800+ 5-star reviewed vacation accommodations in prime locations, our apartments are close to dining, shopping, nightlife, and transport options. Enjoy modern facilities such as free parking, wifi, air conditioning, pools, gyms and well-equipped kitchens for a truly convenient and affordable stay. With stunning views, spacious interiors, and friendly customer service available from 8am-11pm daily, your perfect vacation rental is just a click away.

  • Experience lavish comfort at affordable prices
  • Prime locations, endless entertainment options
  • State-of-the-art facilities for ultimate relaxation
  • Over 800 5-star guest reviews
  • Exceptional service and superior amenities

Experience Your Perfect Stay with Mega Style Apartments!

We’re thrilled to welcome you to Mega Style Apartments, where comfort meets convenience at an affordable price. With over 800+ 5-star reviews, we’re known for our prime locations, stylish spaces, and modern amenities. Whether you’re here for business or pleasure, we’ve got everything you need, from free parking to well-equipped kitchens. So why wait? Book your perfect stay with us today and let us take care of the rest. We’re here for you from 8am-11pm, every day!

How We Can Help

At Mega Style Apartments, we’re all about making your stay in Melbourne comfortable, convenient, and affordable. Our short-term rentals are perfect for those seeking a “home away from home” experience without breaking the bank. We understand that not everyone needs or wants to be tied down to a long-term lease, which is why we’ve made sure our apartments are available for you whenever you need them – whether that’s for a week or a few months. We’re here to help you find the perfect temporary home, so you can focus on enjoying your time in Melbourne.

Why Us

At Mega Style Apartments, we’re all about making your stay comfortable, convenient, and affordable. With over 800+ 5-star reviews, we pride ourselves on offering stylish and spacious apartments in prime locations. You’ll be steps away from popular attractions, dining options, shopping outlets and the vibrant nightlife. Not to mention easy access to transport! Our modern facilities are second-to-none – you’ll enjoy free parking, wifi internet, air conditioning, pools and gyms. Plus our well-equipped kitchens make self-catering a breeze! We’re available for any queries or assistance from 8am-11pm everyday. So why wait? Choose us for your short term rentals; you won’t regret it!


Q: What’s included in our short term rentals? A: Our short term rentals come fully equipped with all the modern amenities you’d expect. This includes free parking, wifi internet, air conditioning, access to pools and gyms, and well-equipped kitchens for self-catering.

Q: How long can we stay in your short term rentals? A: Our short term rentals are very flexible. You can book for as short as a few days or as long as a few months. We’re here to accommodate your needs.

Q: Are your short term rentals family-friendly? A: Absolutely! We’ve got spacious apartments that are perfect for families. Plus, our prime locations mean you’ll be close to lots of family-friendly activities.

Q: What do we do if we have a problem during our stay? A: If you encounter any issues, we’re here to help. Our friendly and responsive customer service team is available from 8am-11pm everyday. Just give us a call.

Q: Are there any extra fees we need to be aware of? A: We believe in transparency, so all our fees are upfront. The price you see is what you’ll pay. No hidden costs or nasty surprises.


Experience Ultimate Comfort with Mega Style Apartments in Melbourne for Short Term Rentals!

At Mega Style Apartments, we’re all about making sure you’re as comfortable as possible during your stay. Our short term rentals in the heart of Melbourne, VIC 3000 Australia are designed with your comfort in mind. We’ve combined style and functionality to create a living space that’s not just aesthetically pleasing but also cozy and homely. You’ll feel right at home from the moment you step through our doors.

We believe that customer service is just as important as the quality of our accommodation. That’s why we’re available to assist you between 8am-11pm every day. Whether it’s a query about amenities or needing help with local attractions, we’re here to make your stay stress-free and enjoyable. So kick back, relax and indulge in the comfort of Mega Style Apartments – we promise it’ll be an experience you won’t forget!

Navigating the Labyrinth of Temporary Accommodation Needs

As we venture into the world of short-term rentals, it’s like meandering through a vibrant market bustling with opportunities. The air is thick with possibilities, each one more enticing than the last. We’re in search of the perfect temporary home – a place that meets all our needs yet fits within our budget.

The first thing we notice is how diverse these accommodations can be. They’re like an artist’s palette, splashed with different colors representing various types – apartments, villas, condos, and cottages. Each type has its own charm and appeal. Apartments are compact and easy to maintain; villas offer luxury and privacy; condos provide a community feel; while cottages immerse you in nature’s lap.

Digging deeper into this labyrinth of choices reveals more layers:

  • Location: Do we want to wake up to the chirping of birds or hustle-bustle of city life?
  • Amenities: Are we looking for basic comforts or do we have specific needs such as pet-friendly spaces or wheelchair accessibility?
  • Lease terms: Some places might offer greater flexibility compared to others when it comes to duration and conditions of stay.

Our journey continues as we explore the symbolism behind each choice. A high-rise apartment symbolizes urban living while a beachfront villa signifies leisurely indulgence. A rustic cottage stands for simplicity and solitude whereas a serviced condo represents convenience without compromise.

Each choice tells its unique story – just like us travelers seeking temporary homes that cater to our individual stories. In this exciting maze called short-term rentals, finding what aligns best with our personal narrative becomes part art, part adventure! So here’s hoping that your stay—whether it’s for work relocation, vacationing or just testing out new neighborhoods—is nothing less than memorable!

Why Are Short-Term Rentals So Important?

Short-term rentals, like those we offer at Mega Style Apartments, have revolutionised the way people travel and live. They’ve provided a unique opportunity for travelers to experience a destination from a local’s perspective while providing an income stream for homeowners. But what makes these short-term rentals so important?

Firstly, they provide flexibility. Traditional accommodations typically require long-term commitments that don’t fit everyone’s needs. With short-term rentals, you’re not tied down – you can stay for just a few days or several months.

  1. Flexibility: No need to commit to a long term lease when your needs may change. Stay as little or as long as you need without any hassle.
  2. Local Experience: Immerse yourself in Melbourne culture by living in our apartments located right in the heart of the city.
  3. Affordability: Compared with hotels, short-term rentals often offer more value for your money especially when travelling with family or friends.

Moreover, our short-term accommodations at Mega Style Apartments are designed with homely comfort in mind. You’ll find fully furnished spaces complete with kitchens and laundry facilities; it’s like having your very own home away from home! And let’s not forget about location – our apartments are situated right in Melbourne’s city center so everything is within easy reach!

So there you have it – three compelling reasons why short term rentals are changing the face of travel accommodation options today!

Why is ‘Short Term Rentals’ the Perfect Fit for Your Accommodation Needs?

Have you ever wondered how delightful it would be to have a home away from home? A place where you can whip up your favourite meals in a fully-equipped kitchen, enjoy privacy like no other and have ample space to relax or even work. That’s exactly what short term rentals offer, and we’re here to tell you why they’re perfect for your accommodation needs.

At Mega Style Apartments, we believe that comfort shouldn’t be sacrificed when you’re away from home. It’s not rocket science – having a familiar environment boosts comfort levels and makes staying in an unfamiliar city less daunting. Our homes are fully equipped with all the amenities you need, making them ideal for family vacations or group travel. Imagine saving on meals by cooking in our kitchens – as easy as pie!

Staying with us means more than just having a roof over your head. It’s about feeling at home regardless of where you are. More privacy allows for better relaxation after long days out exploring Melbourne or working hard on business trips. And let’s not forget the luxury of space – there’s nothing quite like stretching out on a comfortable sofa in your own living room rather than being confined to a small hotel room; it’s an oasis amidst the urban desert! So why wait? Discover the magic of short term rentals today with Mega Style Apartments!

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