Extremely Comprehensive Airbnb House Rules: The Ultimate Guide for Hosts

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Key Takeaways

  • Create detailed rules on every aspect of property – noise, guests, pets, smoking, parties, damages, parking, cleaning, amenities, outdoor areas, payments, etc.
  • Set exact times for quiet hours, check-in/out, pool access. Give step-by-step instructions where relevant.
  • Explain reasons behind rules. Be extremely thorough but maintain gracious tone.
  • Regularly review and update rules. Add new sections as needed for additional amenities.


As an Airbnb host, comprehensive house rules are absolutely critical for protecting your property, ensuring smooth guest stays, and avoiding disputes down the line. Meticulous rules set clear expectations upfront and prevent misunderstandings about policies.

Creating a detailed house manual requires an investment of time upfront. But it pays off exponentially through peace of mind knowing you have explicit policies in place for any scenario. No issue will catch you off guard.

This exhaustive guide provides sections and language to incorporate into your Airbnb house rules. It covers every inch of your property and all possible guest interactions. Tailor the template to your specific amenities and needs, adding additional details relevant to your home.


Provide highly detailed instructions to prevent delays checking in/out.

  • Exact check-in and checkout times, such as 3:00PM and 10:00AM.
  • Check-in process – where to park, how to access keys, what to do if locked out.
  • Specify if any flexibility in times is possible with advance discussion.
  • Fees for late check-out without permission – $50 for first hour, $100 for each additional hour.
  • List things guests need to complete prior to departure such as washing dishes, removing trash, closing windows.


  • Explain need for government ID to match confirmed guest for security.
  • Approved types of ID like driver’s license, passport, or state ID card.
  • Require ID before handing over keys. Inform guests in advance.


Define acceptable noise levels 24/7 with exact decibel limits.

  • Quiet hours from 10pm to 8am daily – noise inaudible to neighbors.
  • Specify decibel limits, like less than 60dB during day, less than 40dB at night.
  • Parties prohibited due to noise and added security risks with strangers.
  • No loud music, guests yelling, pets barking that disturbs neighbors – could warrant eviction.
  • Set maximum number of guests permitted if gathering socially.
  • Outdoor noise like speakers by the pool should not be audible beyond property boundaries at any time.


  • Maximum # of guests without approval, such as 4 guests. Extra fees of $25/night for added guests.
  • Overnight guests not included in booking must be approved with notice. Fees may apply.
  • All guests and visitors must comply with house rules at all times. Registered guest takes responsibility for conveying rules.
  • Gatherings like parties are prohibited without advance authorization. Fees, restrictions apply.


  • Absolutely no smoking inside home including marijuana due to fire hazard.
  • Permitted only in designated outdoor areas – provide details. Still prohibits marijuana.
  • Smoking indoors risks extra cleaning fees for odor removal starting at $250 or loss of security deposit.
  • Properly dispose of cigarette butts outdoors after smoking.


  • If pets allowed, explain rules and limitations such as:
    • Maximum of 2 pets. No aggressive dog breeds permitted.
    • Pets must be crated when unsupervised.
    • Pets are not allowed on furniture at any time. Protective coverings must be used.
    • Pets must be leashed when outdoors and supervised at all times.
    • Guest responsible for cleaning up pet waste immediately in yard.
    • Report any pet damage/accidents immediately.
    • Pets displaying aggressive behavior will need to be removed from property.
    • Pet sitting services available for additional fee – provide rates and parameters.
  • If pets not allowed, explain policy clearly upfront before booking.


Provide detailed parking instructions to prevent confusion and conflicts.

  • Exact number of parking spaces available onsite
  • Designated street parking areas or overnight public lots if space insufficient
  • Process for obtaining overnight parking passes/permits if street parking allowed
  • Do not block driveway, alley access or fire hydrants
  • Additional vehicles beyond designated spaces will be towed at guest expense


Give instructions on properly using amenities to prevent misuse.


  • Hours for access, i.e. 9am to 9pm. No late night swimming.
  • No glass near pool. Food and drink only permitted in designated areas.
  • No diving in shallow end. Children must have adult supervision.
  • Limit number of guests in hot tub to prevent overcrowding.
  • Remind no running near pool and hot tub safety tips like limiting time in high heat.

Hot Tub

  • Provide detailed steps for unlocking cover, activating jets, setting controls.
  • Caution against alcohol consumption before/during use due to safety risks.
  • Explain need to shower before entering to maintain water cleanliness.


  • Instructions for safe operation of gas or charcoal grills.
  • Prohibit leaving grills unattended. Require monitoring fire until extinguished.
  • Supply grilling tools but request guests provide own grilling supplies.
  • Ensure proper disposal of coals after use – provide metal container.

Fire Pit

  • Note fire pit usage only permitted in owners presence.
  • Give safety tips like supervising children, avoiding flammable clothing, and having water/fire extinguisher nearby.
  • Supply recommended fire starting materials but request guests provide own wood.
  • Require fully extinguishing fire before leaving it unattended.


  • Provide instructions for safely starting fire in indoor fireplace.
  • Caution against using certain materials that could be hazardous.
  • Remind guests to extinguish fire fully before going to bed or leaving property.
  • Request leaving screen closed when not in use to prevent sparks escaping.


  • Share instructions for properly operating connected smart thermostats.
  • Suggest energy-saving temps like 70°F in winter, 76°F in summer.
  • Provide tips like closing blinds to retain temperature rather than overcooling.
  • Note guests may be responsible for excess utility costs from extreme settings.


  • Explain how to use provided electronics like smart TVs, sound systems, and gaming consoles.
  • Caution not to disconnect wired connections. Label cords if disconnecting unavoidable.
  • Advise not downloading programs or apps onto devices without owner permission.

Wifi Network

  • Provide wifi network name and password printed clearly.
  • Explain not to use for illegal downloading or other illicit activities.
  • Note wifi is for reasonable personal use only, not high bandwidth activities.

Yard Maintenance Equipment

If tools provided like lawnmower, snowblower, hedge trimmer:

  • Give instructions and safety precautions for proper operation.
  • Require owner supervision. Do not permit guests to operate without approval.
  • Mandate use of protective gear like gloves and eye protection.
  • Note tools should only be used during daylight hours to avoid disturbance.

Other Amenities

  • Provide detailed instructions for any additional amenities like:
    • Game room – proper use of pool table, dart board, video games
    • Home theater – operating projector, light controls, sound system
    • Sauna/steam room – health precautions, showering first, time limits
    • Washer/dryer – approved detergents, No dye policy
    • Dock/boat access – life jackets, speed limits, engine precautions
    • Garage access – provide automatic opener, ensure door closes when done
    • Basketball hoop – hours permitted due to noise, improper use


Provide extremely detailed cleaning expectations. Outline exact requirements for departure.


  • Hand wash all dishes used during stay including pots/pans, utensils, glasses.
  • Fully dry and put away in cabinets where located. Do not leave drying in rack.
  • Alternatively, neatly stack unwashed dishes in sink without obstructing faucet.


  • Remove all guest food and beverages from fridge. Discard any that have expired.
  • Give clear instructions on which items guests are permitted to use.
  • Clean up any spills. Do not leave food residue on shelves.


  • Remove any oven racks or parts and soak burnt on food residue after use.
  • Request not using aluminum foil or other linings that are difficult to clean.


  • Wipe down all kitchen counters and sink area removing crumbs and spills.
  • Do not leave any unsealed food or beverage items sitting out.

Trash Removal

  • Empty all trash containers and recycling bins throughout home, including bathrooms.
  • Place tied trash bags into outdoor containers as instructed.
  • Leave clean trash bags in cans with extras accessible for next guest.


  • Sweep, mop, and/or vacuum all floors thoroughly after stay.
  • Spot clean any spills, muddy tracks, or pet accidents.
  • For tile, wood, or vinyl floors provide approved cleaners and drying techniques.


  • Disinfect all sinks, showers, tubs, and toilets.
  • Remove any items guests brought into bathrooms.
  • Clean mirrors, faucets, shower doors.
  • Restock toilet paper rolls and paper towels.


  • Strip all used sheets, pillowcases, mattress covers and place where instructed.
  • Note if guests should strip beds or leave linens. Either way, request leaving beds tidy.
  • Advise not moving beds but leave nightstands and furniture placed originally.

Common Spaces

  • Return any moved furniture or decor to original configuration.
  • Fluff and arrange throw pillows, blankets neatly on furniture.
  • Vacuum rugs. Spot clean any new spills/stains.

Outdoor Space

  • Pick up all trash in yard including cigarette butts if permitted.
  • Take down any decorations or lighting hung outside.
  • Return patio furniture to original layout if rearranged.

Departure Tasks

  • Complete provided pre-departure checklist confirming all cleaning steps finished.
  • Ensure all doors and windows locked, alarms activated where applicable.
  • Turn off all lights and ceiling fans.

Excess Cleaning

  • Warn that additional cleaning charges will apply if above tasks not completed.
  • Estimate minimum fees, such as $50 for minimal unfinished tasks up to $250 for extensive cleaning needed.


  • Note all furnishings and items listed in provided home inventory document.
  • Require reporting any damage immediately when first noticed.
  • Guests financially responsible for repairs or replacement if damage is caused during stay. This includes:
    • Cracked, chipped dishes or glassware
    • Cut, torn or stained furnishings
    • Broken appliances, electronics, fixtures
    • Holes in drywall
    • Carpet stains or burns
    • Damage to outdoor amenities like grill or furniture
  • Encourage guests to report damages they cause to avoid inflated replacement costs.

Safety and Security

  • Location of fire extinguishers, first aid kits, emergency numbers
  • Exits, emergency escape routes, evacuation meeting spot
  • Process for contacting emergency services – provide phone access
  • How to reach owner or local contact anytime with issues
  • Prohibit fires, weapons, hazardous materials on premises
  • Remind not to share access codes or duplicate keys

Your Custom Additions

Include sections addressing all specific amenities and needs:

  • Private residential complex rules and regulations
  • Instructions for multi-unit properties or shared spaces
  • Policies on yard maintenance, watering plants, accepting deliveries
  • Recreational amenities – pool, gym, tennis courts, playground

Walk through every room and amenity onsite to ensure rules cover every inch thoroughly!

Popular House Rules

Here is a summary of the most popular Airbnb house rules with concise examples:


  • Quiet hours from 10pm – 8am. Please keep noise low during these times.


  • Maximum 4 overnight guests. Extra fees apply for added guests.


  • Smoking only allowed outside in designated areas.


  • Pets welcome with prior approval. $25 per pet per night fee.


  • 2 parking spots available. Park on street if full.

Pool Use

  • Pool open 9am – 9pm daily. No glass near pool.


  • Please wash all dishes or stack neatly before departure.


  • Report any damage immediately. Guests responsible for repair costs.


  • $300 refundable security deposit required.


  • Check-in 4pm, check-out 11am. $50 fee per late hour.

The most critical rules to summarize are noise, guests, smoking, pets, parking, pool use, cleaning, damages, payments, and check-in/out times. Be very concise – 1-2 sentences for each maximum. This provides guests a quick overview of the most essential house rules.

Airbnb Management

Ready to take your Airbnb hosting to the next level? Look no further! Our team is here to assist you with all your Airbnb management needs. From creating comprehensive house rules to optimizing your listing, handling guest communications, and ensuring a smooth check-in/out process, we’ve got you covered. With our expertise and attention to detail, you can maximize your earnings, enhance guest satisfaction, and have peace of mind knowing that your property is in capable hands. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your Airbnb hosting experience. Contact us today and let us make your hosting journey a breeze!


Comprehensive house rules are critical for Airbnb hosting success. This exhaustive guide provided a template covering all areas in extreme detail – from proper amenity use to cleaning responsibilities. Tailor the sections to your specific property needs, amenities offered, and local regulations. Finding the right gracious yet authoritative tone will ensure guests respect the rules. With extremely clear expectations set, you can relax knowing problems will be prevented and your property stays protected. Here’s to many smooth stays ahead!

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