How to Respond to Airbnb Reviews: The Ultimate Guide for Hosts


Reviews are like gold for hosts. They provide valuable information that will improve your hosting and increase the number of reservations.

Key Takeaways

  • Respond professionally to all reviews within 24 hours.
  • Resolve issues raised in negative reviews, kill guests with kindness.
  • Craft personalized responses and highlight positives.
  • Encourage future stays with special offers.
  • Continuously improve hosting using guest feedback.
  • Responding to Airbnb reviews is essential if you want to increase reservations, improve your online reputation, and foster a sense of loyalty and trust among your visitors.
  • You should respond to reviews, whether positive, negative, or neutral, by following the advice and best practises in this article.
  • You should also handle some difficulties that may arise, such disputes over reviews or advertising opportunities, and urge your visitors to write more reviews.

Do you, as an Airbnb host, fear reading bad reviews? Instead, see them as gifts! When used wisely, reviews assist hosts in improving visitor satisfaction, enhancing experiences, and increasing bookings. This post offers advice on how to make any review shine.


Think of your Airbnb ratings as a kind of mirror that shows off how good of a host you are. What do you notice when you look at them? Do you hear neutral comments, harsh criticism, or compliments? Do the faces you observe look neutral, angry, or upset? What is the number of reviews, is it low, or does it not exist at all?

Your Airbnb reviews can be utilised to improve your hosting skills in addition to being a wonderful indicator of them. By responding to your reviews, you may show your appreciation, address any issues, and market your business and hospitality. This can increase your online presence and search engine position, attract more positive reviews, and increase revenue and bookings.

In this post, we’ll show you how to respond to Airbnb reviews like an expert. The following topics are scheduled for discussion:

  • How to respond to good evaluations
  • How to respond to negative reviews
  • How to respond to neutral assessments
  • How to Encourage More Assessments
  • How to manage a few specific situations and conditions

How to enhance and simplify your review response with a few tools and resources

After reading this piece, you will be fully equipped to respond to reviews on Airbnb and turn them into a testament to your wonderful hospitality.

Why Reviews Matter

Reviews influence site users. 88% of travellers look for reviews before booking a ticket (Qualtrics). Being professional in your response demonstrates your dedication to offering top-notch service. Having problems resolved also eases the minds of guests. Engaging in purposeful interaction helps you build trust and improve your reputation. This article offers advice on how to use reviews to increase bookings and visitor satisfaction.

Should You Respond to Every Review?

  • According to best practises, you should reply to each review. After a guest’s stay, by closing the loop, you can show them how much your input matters. Nonetheless, exercising discretion has advantages:
  • For brief positive reviews, non-response prevents overreacting.
  • If you lack prior guest interaction, responding may seem odd.

While it’s good to reply to every critique, choose your battles carefully so that you have time to provide insightful comments.

How Quickly Should You Respond?

“The fastest response time wins the review response game.”

  • 24 hours is optimal. Swiftness demonstrates attentiveness and care.
  • Delays beyond 48 hours negatively impact host response rates.

In listings, you can set expectations from the outset by clearly stating your response policy. Keep your word and respond to communications within a day. Guests will appreciate your promptness and pay you more visits in the future.

Improving with Reviews

Consider reviews as chances to improve. Examine comments to determine what needs to be improved.:

  • Note recurring complaints. Look for systemic fixes to address root causes.
  • Make listing updates to rectify inaccuracies or fulfill unmet guest expectations.
  • Standardize protocols for cleaning, maintenance and communications based on suggestions.
  • Invest in amenities and renovations to exceed guest desires.
  • “Feedback is the breakfast of champions.” – Ken Blanchard

As a host, allow reviews to help you get better. If you view criticism as an opportunity to get better, you’ll never stop improving.

How to Respond to Positive Reviews

For hosts, nothing motivates them more than praise. Recommendations are similar to rain in arid weather. Consider these strategies for your answer.:

  • Thank guests sincerely for their kindness. Gratitude strengthens positive impressions.
  • Reference specific aspects they enjoyed. This reinforcement cements satisfaction.
  • Offer discounts on future stays. Incentives encourage repeat visits.
  • Avoid copied and pasted responses. Personalized replies feel more meaningful.

Like sunflowers turning toward sunlight, position yourself to capitalize on positivity.

Positive comments are the best kind of feedback your visitors can provide you. They prove that you have given your guests an exceptional experience and that they are happy with your resort and services. They also help you boost your chances of becoming a supermodel, attract more potential clients, and enhance your online reputation.

  • However, favourable reviews do not indicate that the plot is finished. They are not to be disregarded or taken for granted. You should respond to them by thanking and expressing your gratitude. You can also: by responding to positive reviews
  • To encourage repeat business or referrals from friends and family, establish a closer relationship with your guests.
  • Make sure to highlight your unique selling proposition and advantages to attract potential customers and beat your competitors.

Here are some best practices to follow when responding to positive reviews:

  • Kindly respond to me as soon as possible, ideally on the same day. This exhibits your responsiveness, focus on the little things, and consideration for your visitors’ opinions.
  • Be sure to use the guest’s name and keep the conversational tone informal but professional. You build a relationship with your guest and respond more authentically and uniquely by doing this.
  • Mention a specific pleasant experience that the guest had, like a suggestion, a unique encounter, or a compliment. This gives the impression that you paid attention, that you understand and value their point of view.
  • Thank them for choosing your house, sharing their experience, and leaving a review. This shows your appreciation and acknowledgement and encourages others to do the same in the future.

Here are some tips and examples of how to write effective responses to positive reviews:

  • Use terms and phrases like “cosy,” “stylish,” “eco-friendly,” “family-friendly,” etc. that represent your company identity and values. This makes you stand out from other hosts and attract the people you want to see.
  • Include a call to action, such as encouraging them to follow you on social media, sign up for your newsletter, or tell their friends and family about their experience. This helps you expand your network and connect with more people.


Hi James, I sincerely appreciate your wonderful review. We are happy to hear that your stay at our beachfront, family-friendly villa was restful and cosy. We are glad you enjoyed the pool, garden, and grill as much as we enjoyed having you and your adorable puppy stay with us. Thank you very much for your excellent company and recommendations. You were truly appreciated. We hope to see you again soon, Have safe travels.!

Happy airbnb guests

How to Respond to Negative Reviews

Although they sting, negative evaluations are actually gifts. They demonstrate your responsiveness and provide opportunities for improvement. Here are a few guidelines.:

  • Wait 24 hours before reacting if emotions are high. Cool heads prevail.
  • Empathize and acknowledge their disappointment. Understanding diffuses tension.
  • Apologize for issues, without admitting fault. Validating concerns builds goodwill.
  • Describe actions taken to prevent future issues. Concrete solutions provide reassurance.
  • Offer resolutions, like refunds, to rebuild trust. Accountability fosters forgiveness.
  • Maintain poise, never retaliate. As Michelle Obama said, “When they go low, we go high.”

Consider negative evaluations as a chance to enhance offerings and show customers how committed you are to them. You can take advantage of their critique if you react to it correctly.

Negative reviews are the worst kind that visitors might write about you. They show that your guests are not satisfied with your property or degree of service, and that you have not delivered a great visiting experience. They affect you emotionally, harm your internet reputation, and turn off future clients.

However, negative evaluations don’t necessarily mean the end of the world. You shouldn’t take them personally or respond to them in a defensive, sarcastic, or angry manner. Additionally, it’s not a good idea to ignore or remove them because doing so could come out as irresponsible, deceitful, or unprofessional. It is recommended that you respond to them in a kind and professional manner. Responding to negative reviews is an additional method you could:

  • Address the issues and complaints, and take responsibility for any mistakes you may have made. This shows that you have accountability and integrity, and that you care about your guests’ happiness.
  • Make your recommendations, extend your regret, try to resolve the problems, and make an effort to make things right. This shows how genuine, helpful, and appreciative you are of your visitors’ opinions.
  • While you’re trying to regain your trust and reputation, highlight your successes and development. This shows your dedication, self-assurance, and willingness to provide excellent service.

Here are some best practices to follow when responding to negative reviews:

  • Keep yourself cool, be professional, and be understanding. Reject criticism without responding with defensivenessor rage. Instead, try to understand the visitor’s perspective and show consideration for their feelings and expectations.
  • Address the specific complaints and issues raised. Don’t minimise or brush off the problems, or assign the blame to the guest or other uncontrollable factors. Instead, explain what happened and own up to any responsibility you may have had.
  • Highlight your successes as well as your opportunities for improvement. Don’t dwell on the negative or make false promises. Instead, emphasise your benefits and unique selling propositions and mention any updates or changes you have made or wish to make in response to the guest’s suggestions.

Here are some tips and examples of how to deal with different types of negative reviews:

  • Reviews that are abusiveor unfair: These are assessments that are based on fabrications, exaggerations, or personal attacks and do not fairly represent your good or service. Even if they can be quite destructive and bothersome, you shouldn’t put yourself down to them or initiate a fight with them. Instead, you should respond politely and professionally, pointing out the specifics and corroborating evidence that contradict their claims. You should also submit the review to Airbnb and request that it be removed if it violates any of their rules or standards.


Hello John, I appreciate your review. We regret that you did not enjoy your stay with us, but we are also taken aback and perplexed by your remarks, which do not align with our actual property or level of service. Despite your claims that the flat was unclean, noisy, and dangerous, our records and pictures clearly demonstrate otherwise. We have a certificate of safety and hygiene from the local authorities, and the flat was thoroughly cleaned and sanitize.

  • Reviews from different platforms: These are evaluations that have appeared on different websites or online directories, such TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook, or reviews are not something you should ignore or take lightly, considering they could also negatively affect your reputation and online presence, as well as the choice of prospective guests to book with you. Instead, you should monitor these reviews, respond to them suitably, and follow the same procedures and best practises as you would when answering reviews on Airbnb.


Hello Mark We value your feedback. We are delighted to hear that your stay at our modern, spacious loft in the heart of the city was fantastic. We had a fantastic time hosting you and your company, and we are happy that you enjoyed the amenities, layout, and service. We hope to see you again soon. In the meantime, we invite you to browse our other properties on Airbnb, where you can discover more details, pictures, and reviews. We would appreciate it if you could leave a review on Airbnb. Have a great day.!

Get a Professional Airbnb Manager

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How to Respond to Neutral Reviews

It is imperative to respond to subpar work with grace. 3–4-star evaluations. When you answer, make an effort to inspire empathy and comprehension.:

  • Thank guests for their candid feedback. Honesty, though awkward, shows they care enough to share.
  • Acknowledge their critique respectfully. Validating their perspective opens a gateway to resolution.
  • Outline improvements you’ll make based on suggestions. Concrete plans convey responsiveness.
  • Offer discounts on future stays. Sweeten the sentiment by inviting their return.

When things are less tense, bad reviews offer juicy chances to win back customers’ trust and show how committed you are to their pleasure. Seize the chance to change the course of events.

Reviews that are neutral are those that are in the middle, neither favourably nor unfavourably. They prove that, although it was not an exceptional guest experience, you had given them a respectable one. They also imply that your guests are conflicted or have conflicting opinions about your business or its products. They might not help or hurt your online reputation, but they might also not motivate or persuade prospective guests.

  • Transform an uninteresting guest into a dedicated one by making them feel valued and appreciated. You might establish a rapport, have a long-lasting effect, and increase referral and retention rates by doing this.
  • Show your commitment and care, and address any issues or concerns. This can help you improve your service quality and guest satisfaction, and prevent future problems or complaints.
  • Differentiate yourself from other hosts, and showcase your personality and brand. This can help you stand out from the crowd, and appeal to your target audience.

Here are some best practices to follow when responding to neutral reviews:

  • Be grateful, positive, and personal. Do not take neutral reviews for granted, or respond with indifference or negativity. Instead, thank the guest for their stay and their review, and use their name and a friendly and professional tone.
  • Ask for feedback and suggestions.
  • Invite them to come back again, or to check out your other properties if you have any. This shows your interest and enthusiasm, and creates a sense of loyalty and belonging.

Here are some tips and examples of how to respond to different types of neutral reviews:

  • Vague reviews: These reviews lack any particular or helpful information and are extremely succinct and generic. Even though answering them can be challenging and tedious, you shouldn’t disregard them. Rather, make an effort to get further information and input from the visitor and add some value and information to your answer.


Hey Anna I appreciate your review. Although we are happy to hear that your stay at our property was enjoyable, we would still like to know more details. What aspects of your stay did you enjoy and not enjoy? How did you find the location, the flat, and the service? What can we do to improve your future stay even more? We value and appreciate your comments since it enables us to make improvements to our property and services. We hope to see you again soon. Have a good day.

  • Different viewpoints: These reviews weigh the benefits and drawbacks of the stay, presenting both good and negative aspects. Although answering them can be difficult and complex, you shouldn’t ignore them. Rather, you should be aware of both the good and the bad, make an effort to resolve the bad, and highlight the good.


Hey Ben I appreciate your review. We are glad to hear that your stay at our property was relaxing and pleasurable, and that you appreciated the features, layout, and level of service. We really value your comments and praises because you were such wonderful visitors. We are also sorry to hear that the Wi-Fi and noise presented some difficulties for you. We sincerely regret any inconvenience or discomfort this may have brought about for you. Once again, we appreciate your choice. Have a wonderful day.!

  • Constructive reviews are those that are both positive and negative but also offer particular advice or constructive criticism on how to improve the asset or service. Even if answering them can be beneficial, you shouldn’t take them personally or as complaints.


Hello Emma, thank you for your review. We are happy to hear that you had a calm and enjoyable stay at our property, and that you made use of the garden, the barbecue, and the pool. You were such wonderful guests, and we value your comments and suggestions. Enjoy your day.!


Maintaining Professionalism

As challenges arise in review responses, professionalism is key:

Adopt a gracious, thoughtful tone regardless of circumstances.

  • Refrain from emotional reactions. They often backfire. Be the duck – calm above water even when paddling hard underneath.
  • If tensions run hot, pause before responding. You can always follow up once cool heads prevail.
  • Focus on understanding guest concerns and solving problems. Avoid combative arguments entangling egos.
  • Permit rationality to triumph over fury. rage. There’s usually some truth to even the most unjust criticisms. Find those teachings.

Through the practise of empathy and poise, you may transform stressful review scenarios into fruitful conversations.

Crafting Effective Responses

The following advice will improve review responses:

  • Personalize each response. Use the guest’s name and refer to stay details.
  • Keep replies focused. Avoid meandering narratives and tangents.
  • Thank guests for reviewing. Gratitude encourages future feedback.
  • Summarize issues raised. Demonstrate you comprehended their critiques.
  • Outline improvements underway. Concrete plans convey your responsiveness.
  • Close positively. End by reinforcing your commitment to high service standards.

Well-thought-out answers are the mark of attentive hosts who care about their visitors’ pleasure.

Professional response

How to Encourage More Reviews

Encouraging Future Bookings

Reviews present opportunities to showcase your listings and hospitality:

  • Spotlight upcoming improvements and upgrades during responses. These sneak peeks generate excitement.
  • Extend special discounts to past guests. Deals entice return visits.
  • Note unique amenities and experiences exclusive to your property. Play up desirable differentiators.
  • Invite guests to stay again soon. A warm welcome makes them feel valued.

By using reviews, you may use strategic hospitality to keep past guests engaged and encouraged to book new reservations.

Reviews are one of the most important factors influencing a potential guest’s decision to book your hotel. The more reviews you have on Airbnb, the more visible, credible, and appealing your profile is. Getting more reviews can also help you improve your ranking, income, and rating.

Therefore, you shouldn’t rely on your visitors to write reviews on their own. You should assist them and make sure it’s easy and convenient for them to do so. Furthermore, by encouraging more reviews, you can:

  • Give your visitors an exceptional guest experience to surpass their expectations. By doing this, you may raise the possibility that your visitors will leave you a positive review and recommend you to others.
  • Inquire about visitor feedback and send a timely, kind reminder. This shows your attention and appreciation, which may drive your visitors to take action and offer feedback.
  • Make it simple and straightforward for them to submit a review, and give them some pointers and inspiration.

Here are some best practices for encouraging more reviews:

  • To exceed your guests’ expectations, provide them with an outstanding guest experience. Because your visitors are more likely to write a favourable, in-depth review and to promote you to others, this is the most significant and successful strategy to generate more reviews. In order to provide a remarkable visitor experience, you should:
    • Communicate clearly and promptly, and provide all the necessary information and instructions before, during, and after the stay.
    • Provide a clean, comfortable, and well-equipped property, and ensure that everything works properly and safely.
    • Be friendly, helpful, and flexible, and accommodate your guests’ requests and needs, as much as possible.
    • Ask for feedback and suggestions, and show your interest and appreciation for your guests’ opinion and input.
  • Reward your guests with a discount or an incentive for leaving a review. This is a kind and original approach to express your thanks and admiration and to encourage your visitors to write a review and make another reservation with you. In order to provide a discount or an incentive, you should:
    • Make it clear and attractive, and state the terms and conditions, such as the amount, the duration, and the eligibility.
    • Offer your guests something of value and relevance that fits their preferences and needs, like a loyalty scheme, a complimentary service, or a free upgrade.
    • Make it easy and convenient, and provide them with a code, a link, or a voucher, that they can use to redeem their reward.
  • Give them some guidance and inspiration, and make the process of submitting a review as easy and uncomplicated as possible for them. This is a simple, kind way to show that you are paying attention and that you care while also helping your visitors to write a thoughtful and favourable review. To make it easier for them to submit a review, you should:
    • Provide them with a review template, a review generator, or a review checklist, that they can use to write their review, and to ensure that they cover all the important aspects of their stay.
    • Provide them with some examples of good and bad reviews, and explain the difference and the impact of each one, on your property and service, and on other guests and hosts.
    • Provide them with some tips and tricks, such as using keywords and phrases, being honest and specific, and adding some photos or videos, to make their review more effective and engaging.

Here are some tools and resources for encouraging more reviews:

  • Check the request form out: This is an example of a message you may use to encourage people to leave reviews on your website and to remind them of their importance and value. You can change it according on the visitor’s name, length of stay, and experience.

For Example:

Hi, {name of guest} We are appreciative of your visit at {property name}. We sincerely hope you appreciated the {amenities, location, service, etc.} and had an amazing experience. We would be grateful if you could give us a review on Airbnb and we would love to hear your thoughts. We value and much appreciate your evaluation since it enables us to make improvements to our facility and services and draw in more visitors just like you. Please let us know what aspects of your stay you enjoyed and didn’t like, as well as how we may improve your next visit. Please be clear and truthful. To submit a review, please click this link: {review URL}. We are honoured that you selected us, and we hope to see you soon.

Review request generator: Depending on the visitor’s identity, experience level, and duration of stay, you may use this tool to build a personalised and persuasive message encouraging them to post a review. You can save time and effort by writing a unique and powerful greeting for each visitor with the aid of this tool. This tool, for example, can be used:

  • Review request checklist: Here is a list of resources you may use to ensure that your review request message is thorough, considerate, and includes all the pertinent information about your visitors’ stay. This checklist might assist you in avoiding errors and improving the efficacy and quality of your communication. For example, you could use this checklist.:

How to Deal with Some Specific Scenarios and Situations

Responding to reviews on Airbnb isn’t always simple and straightforward. Every now and then, specific incidents and situations may arise that demand additional care and attention, such as:

  • How to handle a review dispute
  • How to use review responses to market your property

Here are some tips and examples of how to deal with these scenarios and situations:

  • How to resolve a review disagreement: A review conflict arises when you wish to contest or alter a guest’s review because you don’t agree with it. This may occur if the review is unjust, deceptive, or harsh, or if it differs from your own impression of the visit or experience. Managing a disagreement over a review should:
    • Make eye contact with the visitor and try to work out a private, friendly solution. Explain your position and provide any evidence or details that support it. Ask the visitor to take down or modify their review, or reach a mutually agreeable resolution that includes an apology, a discount, or a reimbursement.
    • Make contact with Airbnb and ask them to arbitrate or mediate the conflict. Describe the circumstances and offer any supporting details or data. In the event that the review breaches Airbnb’s policies or standards, request that they be removed, modified, or enforced.
    • Put your side of the story in a public response to the review. Don’t insult or assault the guest; instead, act professionally and courteously. Provide any data or proof to back up your assertion, and emphasise your advantages over the competition. Before speaking with the visitor or Airbnb, refrain from writing a public response as this could intensify the dispute or harm your reputation.
  • How to market your property via review responses: In addition to serving as a channel of communication with your visitors, review replies can help you promote your property. You may promote your brand and hospitality and draw in more prospective visitors to your home by answering reviews. In order to sell your home using review answers, you should:
    • Mention any qualities or attributes that set your property apart from the competition, such as the facilities, the location, the design, the service, etc., and emphasise your property’s advantages and special selling points.
    • Mention your other properties, and invite your guests to check them out, if you have any. This can help you cross-sell and upsell your properties, and increase your revenue and occupancy.
    • Ask your visitors to follow, subscribe to, or get in touch with you, and include a link to your website, social media accounts, or newsletter. You may increase your network, establish your web profile, and produce more leads and bookings by doing this.

Here are some tips and examples of how to use review responses to market your property:

  • Use keywords and phrases that match your guests’ search intent, and that reflect your brand identity and values. This can help you improve your ranking and visibility on Airbnb, and appeal to your target audience.
  • Include a memorable and clever hashtag, motto, or slogan in your response. This can improve your recognition and recall while also assisting you in developing a unique and identifiable brand.
  • Instead of coming across as overly forceful or salesy, strike up a friendly yet professional tone. By doing this, you may make a positive impression and avoid upsetting or alienating your guests.


Reviews are crucial for hosts who want to impress visitors, book bookings, and improve their skills. Respond thoughtfully and quickly, pointing out benefits and resolving issues. Be professional at all times and seize opportunities to improve. Consider reviews as allies in your search for first-rate hosting. Reviews may be used to improve visitor experiences and grow your clientele if you approach them with the right mindset and strategies. Reviews hold a treasure waiting for you to claim it.

In this article, we have shown you how to respond to Airbnb reviews like a pro. We have covered the following topics:

  • How to respond to positive reviews
  • How to respond to negative reviews
  • How to respond to neutral reviews
  • How to encourage more reviews
  • How to deal with some specific scenarios and situations
  • How to use some tools and resources to make your review response easier and better

You may become an expert at responding to Airbnb reviews and utilise them as a helpful tool to market your brand and hospitality, enhance your hosting abilities, and draw more guests to your house by following the best practises and advice in this piece.

We sincerely hope you have found this post to be helpful and educational, and that you will utilise the knowledge you have gained to improve your own review response technique. Please feel free to contact us personally or leave a comment below if you have any questions or comments. We would be delighted to speak with you and support you in running your hosting company.

Thank you for reading, and enjoy yourself while hosting!!


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